Generally speaking, the more raw, whole food you can add into your diet on a daily basis, the better. Having been involved in the raw food movement for over 10 years now, I’ve seen so many dynamics surrounding those involved in the movement. Raw food can appear a dogmatic concept to be involved in, but it certainly does not (and even better should not) have to be that way. It isn’t about calling yourself a “raw foodist” or labeling yourself 100% raw; it is about making changes to that will bring about a higher level of health and immune strength, beginning wherever you happen to be at and moving forward from there. Some people have to do it all out for it to work for them, some can ease in and find that a certain balance seems to work for them. I encourage you to refrain from judging yourself against others and not to focus on what you are not doing, but to embrace the changes being made as they are happening.

If your first step is to use a raw zucchini pasta with your favorite pasta sauce in its standard form, then please do so! Take liberty to use bits and pieces of raw recipes for where you are at now. Master a simple process, such as juicing, before you jump in to 3 new pieces of equipment at once. If you have the liberty to transition gradually, taking things one step at a time will set you up for long-term success!